Devant de corsage (brooch)

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Eugénie was Empress Consort of France, the wife of Napoléon III, Emperor of the French
(1835 – 1871)
The last Empress of the French was born in Granada, Spain. Eugénie was educated in Paris. When Prince Louis Napoléon became president of the Second Republic she appeared with her mother at the several balls given by the “prince-president” at the Elysée Palace, and it was there that she met the future emperor, whom she wed on anuary 30, 1853.

By her beauty, elegance and charm she contributed greatly to the brilliance of the imperial regime. Eugénie’s aristocratic elegance, splendour of dress and legendary jewels are well documented in innumerable paintings, especially by her favourite portraitist, Winterthaler.


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