Around 1830,
Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, 35X140X135mm
Private collection, Courtesy of the Albion Art Collection, Tokyo.

This tiara is probably part of a commission for the Grand-Duchess of Bade (1789-1860), adopted daughter of Napoleon. Her second child, Princess Josephine, may have received it on her marriage to Prince Charles de Hohenzollern- Sigmaringen. Finally, the tiara will end up in possession of the Countess Marie of Flanders, who, through her marriage to Philippe, Count of Flanders, becomes the sister-in-law of Leopold II, King of Belgium. Princess Henrietta will inherit the tiara. She will become Duchess of Vendôme through her marriage in 1896 with the grandson of King Louis Philippe of France. Nonetheless, there exists another version amongst the descendants of Princess Marie de Bade, daughter of the Grand-Duchess Stephanie. Did she possibly have the same tiara made for each of her children?


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