The Devant de corsage
Cartier Paris, ordered in 1909
Platinum, diamonds, 120 x 96 mm
Genève, Collection Cartier, Inv. CL 208 A09
The setting of this Devant de corsage can be detached.

This superb Devant de corsage exemplifies the Cartier garland style and will be worn by the actress Catherine Deneuve in the movie « le Temps Retrouvé » in 1999.
Catherine Deneuve is, like Brigitte Bardot, considered to be one of the most beautiful French women of the 20th century. Her elegance, beauty, courageous character, and personality have made her not only into an excellent actress, a Muse for certain fashion designers, for instance, Yves Saint Laurent, but also turned her into the face of France. What Sophia Loren is for Italy, Catherine Deneuve is for France. Her commitment to charitable works and her active involvement in politics have allowed her, until this very day, to take centre stage and remain in the limelight.


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