Wedding Tiara worn by Madonna

© From the Kazanjian Foundation, Jewels for Charity, Hollywood Collection
Tiara worn by Madonna at her wedding to Guy Richie (22 december 2000, Skibo Castle, Scotland)

This Edwardian diamond tiara was worn by Madonna for her wedding service. It was loaned to her by the jewellery Asprey & Garrard, London. This tiara was made in approximately 1910 from 765 old cut diamonds weighing 78 carats and a further two larger diamonds totalling 2.50 cts. This versatile tiara can be made into a necklace by removing the top swag pieces.

Madonna who loves fine jewellery, noticed and admired it when she was shopping in Asprey & Garrard in New Bond Street, London. The bride’s choice of tiara was a closely guarded secret shared only with her groom, Guy Richie, a handful of close friends and senior Asprey & Garrard staff.

A fine Edwardian tiara with lines and scrolls forming seven graduating floral garlands connected on top by swinging floral festoons and on the base, by ornate scrolls, all set in platinum. During the Edwardian period tiaras were popular and it was the first time that jewellers worked in platinum. The tiara was chosen by Madonna because she thought it would go well with her wedding dress, designed by Stella McCartney.

Jewels for Charity and the Kazanjian Foundation

The Kazanjian Foundation, a non-profit organization was established in 1957 to support scientific, artistic, cultural and other worthy causes. The Beverly Hills based foundation
emphasizes programs for disadvantaged children and also provides scholarships for promising inner-city youths. The establishment of the  foundation was motivated by the Kazanjian family's gratitude to the United States where their migrant forebears sought and found refuge
in the early part of the previous century.

The Hollywood Collection features a unique collection of prized jewellery formerly owned and worn by Hollywood's classic A-list celebrities including Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Eva Gabor and Howard Hughes.



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