Albion Art Co. - Tokyo

  • "Dove drinking" Suite, Empress Josephine
  • Tiara, Queen Margaritha of Italy
  • Shoulder brooches, Queen Margaritha of Italy
  • Pearl and diamond Tiara, Countess of Flanders
  • Renaissance Style Pendant, Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Tiara, Marie Bonaparte
  • Tiara, Arch Duchess Marie Valerie
  • Tiara, Maria Anna of Habsburg

Bulgari - Milan

  • Gold and diamond Necklace and earrings, worn by Sophia Loren
  • Diamond "En tremblant" Flower Spray Brooch, worn by Madonna in movie "Evita"

Canturi Jewels - Sydney

  • "Geometric" Diamond Cuff, worn by Kate Bosworth in movie "Superman Returns"
  • "Mosaic" Diamond Choker, worn by Monica Bellucci in movie "The Matrix"
  • "Cubism" Princess Cut Diamond, worn by Monica Bellucci in movie "The Matrix"
  • "Cubism" Diamond Ring, worn by Monica Bellucci in movie "The Matrix"
  • "Cushion" Necklace, worn by Melanie Griffith in movie "The Night we called it a Day"
  • "Cushion" Drop Earrings, worn by Melanie Griffith in movie "The Night we called it a Day"
  • "Metropolis" Drop Earrings, worn by Kate Bosworth in movie "Superman Returns"
  • "Satine" Replica, worn by Nicole Kidman in movie "Moulin Rouge"

Cartier - Paris/Geneva

  • Lizard Bangle, Josette Day
  • Scroll Tiara, Her Royal Highness Queen Elisabeth of Belgium
  • Bracelet, Gloria Swanson
  • Pendant-watch with basket motif, Nellie Melba
  • Snake Necklace, Maria Félix
  • Scroll Tiara,  Countess of Essex
  • Tiger Clip Brooch, Barbara Hutton
  • Comb, Barbara Hutton
  • Leaf and flower clip brooch, Madeleine Renaud
  • Stomacher brooch, worn by Catherine Deneuve in movie "Le Temps Retrouvé"
  • Strap bracelet, Cole Porter
  • Clip brooch, Irving Berlin
  • Pair of ear pendants, Daisy Fellowes
  • Bandeau, Doris Duke
  • Vanity Case

Chanel Joaillerie - Paris


  • Necklace and earrings  "Fontaine" , worn by Kristin Scott Thomas in movie "Gosford Park"
  • Necklace "Comète", worn by Celine Dion

Chopard - Geneva

Christie's - London/NY

  • The Moon of Baroda, worn by Marilyn Monroe
  • Diamond Necklace, Olga of Yougoslavia
  • Diamond Necklace, Lucille Roberts

Diane von Furstenberg / H. Stern - NY
  • Sutra Bracelet, Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern Collection

L'Etoile Royale Inc. / Palm Beach - Florida

  • Wedding Cartier Tiara, Ada Ismay
  • Pearl Necklace, Claude Arpels
  • Emerald and Diamond Camelia Necklace, Claude Arpels

Francis Mertens

  • Earrings, worn by Jennifer Lopez
  • Bracelet worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, private collection, jewelry from Vera Wang

Henry Dunay Designs Inc - NY
  • "Lachrymosa" diamond mask, worn by Elisabeth Taylor

  • "Théatre" Earrings worn by Princess Astrid of Belgium

Horovitz & Totah - Geneva 

  • Necklace and earrings, worn by Uma Thurman in movie "The Golden Bowl"
  • Fan with feather, Queen of Egypt

Jewels for Charity/ Kazanjian Foundation - LA

  • Necklace, worn by Joan Collins in "Dynasty"
  • Tiara, worn by Madonna at her wedding

A.E. Köchert - Vienna
  • 4 Sissi Stars

Metropolitan Opera - NY

Metropolitan Opera Guild - NY
  • Devant de corsage, Empress Eugenie of France

Sakai - Shiritsu Burka Kaikan - Osaka

  • Bracelet, Sarah Bernhardt

Principality of Monaco

  • Ring, Princess Grace of Monaco
  • Rivière Necklace Cartier, Princess Grace of Monaco
  • Tiara Cartier, Princess Grace of Monaco
  • Set of 3 brooches, Princess Grace of Monaco
  • Rivière Necklace, Princess Grace of Monaco 

Rozet & Fischmeister
  • 3 Sissi Stars (1 pair of earrings and 1 brooch)

Siegelson - NY


  • Rose Diamond  "Organdie" Necklace, worn by Rebecca Romijn
  • Gold and Diamond Suite, Norma Shearer
  • Art Moderne Blue Chalcedony, Sapphire and Diamond Suite of Jewelry, Duchess of Windsor
  • Princess Mathilde Corsage Ornament
  • Pair of Diamond “Black Lace” Cuff Bracelets, by Michelle Ong for Carnet, Hong Kong, 2000

Slim Barrett - London
  • Tiara, worn by Victoria Beckham at her wedding
  • Chandeler Earrings, worn by Halle Berry

Sotheby's - London
  • Mountbatten Tiara, Lady Mountbatten

Symbolic & Chase - London

  • Ring, Daisy Fellowes (via Sotheby's)
  • Suite, Doris Duke (via Sotheby's)
  • Clip Brooch, Doris Duke
  • Bracelet, Queen Margaretha of Italy

Van Cleef & Arpels - Paris
  • "Snowflake" Bracelet, Julia Roberts
  • Earclips "Années Folles", Keira Knightly and Scarlett Johannson
  • Earclips "Socrate", Scarlett Johannson
  • "Caresse D'Eole" Necklace, Zhang Ziyi
  • Clips "Flamme", similar worn by Jacky Kennedy

The Diamond Museum



The Diamond Museum takes a fresh look at the wondrous world of the hardest and most fascinating stone in the world – which can be transformed into a dazzling diamond jewel, brilliantly

cut by Antwerp craftsmen: an ANTwerp story that is now even more brilliANT than ever!
Besides the diamond story, you are drawn to the treasure chambers spread on the three floors where you can find the museum’s unique collection of diamond creations: historic diamond jewels & contemporary diamond jewels and exhibition space!
On weekdays (except Wednesday) you can see a diamond polisher at work, transforming undistinguished stones into objects of glittering beauty!

Photo Museum & Fashion Museum (MoMu)


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